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Our Capabilities
01. Management:
Taiwan Headquarter controls the business operation of every company, optimizes the resources disposition including the financial audit, the personnel dispatch, the technical integration and the order adjustment.
02. Product:
Our vertical integration is from the R&D, the self-made essential parts, the production and down to sales. We make DJ products, household appliances, audio professional equipment and personal health care products. Our value chain is complete by the connection of the experience and the quality control.
03. Facility:
We are headquartered in Taiwan, and we have the factory in Malaysia, two factories in China. By the highly efficient operation among all factories with equipment such as injection, molding, and PCB assembly, we are able to satisfy the customer’s demand of quality and quantity

04. Technical Competence:

Consolidate our core technology ability to mechanical, electronics and firmware. With continuous R&D and innovation, and combination of IT technology, we keep our group competitively.
05. Human Resource:
The experienced team and the power to move forward is our precious intangible asset and the cornerstone of our group as well.
No.35, Shalun, Anding Dist., Tainan City 745, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-6-5932201~8FAX: 886-6-5930030