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Future Prospect

1Professional Audio
1. Integrate the DJ competence, to create
    competitive advantage.
2. Invest on the development of digital audio
    product, to expand the product range.
3. Acquire the latest technology, activate 
    innovation to have abundant patent right
    and upgrade our industry position.
4. Keep connection with the experienced
    technique resource and business alliances,
    to enhance the strength of expansion.

2Electronic appliances
1. Keep the good partnership with customers
2. Devote manufacturing process
    improvement, to increase the efficiency
    and customer satisfactions.
3. Strengthen the R&D team work to have big
    advantage in product development.
4. Resource for strategic alliances to expand
    the product range
5. Integrate YAHORNG technology of  
    electronic and home appliances to enter
    into the other market region. With
    expanding business,to get
 higher revenue
    and advantage.
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